Need a Website or Some Software Built?

We can handle most small web applications, as well as most other small additions or enhancements to your systems.

Keep Track of Project Progress

Our progress tracking system allows you to join the development team and communicate efficiently with the team members. You can see progress and issues at a glance. You are a critical part of the team, throughout the process.

Our Methodology

We broadly follow our own variation of the KanBan approach. We like to keep things simple.

Typical steps in a project are:

We meet with you initially, so that we can  get to know you, and understand your requirement at a high level.

When you are ready to work with us, you draft your User Stories (this can either be done all at once, or in stages, as you prefer). These describe the proposed system in detail from various different user’s point of view. We review those with you in order to ensure we understand what you want, as well as to prioritise the Stories. If you want an estimate of what the total project will cost, you need to provide us with a complete set of User Stories. Alternatively we can develop the project in stages using a series of what we call Work Packages.

We suggest an architecture (if one has not been defined already) and get agreement on that with you.

We set up a development environment for your project which will allow us to build and test the system in a separate controlled environment.

The first set of work packages are finalised and firm quotes provided for each. Once approved, we assign those to developers and then development begins. Each is tested first by the developers to see whether they meet the specifications described in the User Stories, and then by you. Once accepted, we sign-off and close the relevant Work Package. We feed work to developers on the KanBan basis until all the work is done.

What We Need From You

Your enthusiasm and vision!

We need you to describe how the various different types of users will experience the system, in what we call User Stories (we will provide detailed guidelines on how to do that – it’s very simple),

We need some of your time throughout the project. Our process is quite iterative, we need you to answer questions and provide input through all stages of the project. We include you in our project tracking system which will send you questions and enable efficient communication with the team, regardless of where they are and when they work.