We are an Authorised Re-Seller of BoxCryptor

We are proud to announce that we are an authorised re-seller of the award winning BoxCryptor cloud encryption software.

Many people and businesses, quite rightly, are reluctant to use popular and convenient cloud storage and sharing services such as DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive etc. for sensitive information.

BoxCryptor solves that problem, because it allows you to implement your own end-to-end encryption, without losing the convenience of cloud sharing. BoxCryptor uses military strength encryption to keep your data safe. No-one other than the people you are sharing your documents with can open those files. If the cloud service gets hacked, and your files are completely exposed, strong encryption (RSA4096 and AES256) ensures that your files remain private.

Now you can gain all the benefits of cloud sharing even when sharing sensitive information, without worrying about that falling into the wrong hands.

BoxCryptor is free for limited personal use, download it by following this link.

We offer discounted licenses for unlimited personal and business use. You can pay by PayPal (5% discount off list price) or EFT (10% off list price). Please Contact Us if you wish to purchase.

BoxCryptor is very easy to use, once you have set it up on your devices. For more information about products and pricing check out the BoxCryptor website.

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